We had a great interview with Access NEPA talking about how we got started with the All Belgium waffle truck.


WILKES-BARRE — When Wilkes junior Toon De Schepper moved here from Belgium six years ago, people often asked him about Belgian waffles.

“But there would never be real Belgian waffles around,” he said. “Everybody knew about them and knew they were good even though they never really had a real one.”

De Schepper decided to do something about it. He teamed up with his roommate, Wilkes University junior Bill Berry, and started the All Belgium food truck.

On Tuesday, De Schepper and Berry sold Belgian waffles for $5 each on Wilkes University’s campus on South Main Street outside the Karambelas Media and Communications Center.

De Schepper described the one type of Belgian waffle they sell as “rich, flavorful, sugary and chewy.”

“It’s good enough to eat it by itself but then we also offer toppings,” he said.

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